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Awards & Scholarships

FMSEA annually recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions towards moving the field of marine science forward, who provide outstanding marine science education and who want to share their successes with other practitioners.

For information and submissions, contact:
Earnie Olsen (FMSEA President-Elect)
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John Beakley “Marine Science Educator of the Year” Award

Mr. John C. Beakley A.B., University of North CarolinaThe FMSEA Outstanding Marine Educator Award began in 1986. It was renamed in 1999 in honor of John Beakley, a Marine Science Resource Teacher in Palm Beach County and one of FMSEA’s founders.

“I consider John to be the founding father of Marine Education in the State as he made numerous trips to Washington to obtain funds to develop the Jacksonville Marine Science Center, the Crystal River Marine Science Station, and the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Station (no longer open). He was the major force in establishing FMSEA in 1968.”
—Pat Purcell

This Award is given to an educator who has demonstrated dedication to promoting and developing marine science in Florida. Nominees need not be members of FMSEA, but member nominations are encouraged. Self-nominations are accepted. Please ask the person you nominate to address the following categories (we encourage bullets of information as opposed to a narrative):

FMSEA Service Award

The FMSEA Service Award began in 1993 and is given each year to a member who has exhibited dedicated service to the organization. Nominees must be FMSEA members. Self-nominations are accepted. The nomination must address the following points. Please submit bullets instead of a long narrative:

Student Project Awards

Award for Junior Student Project

The John Booker Award
for Senior Student Project

The purpose of the two Student Project Awards is to encourage continuing education and study of the marine environment. A cash award will be given to both a Junior and Senior Section student whose research demonstrates outstanding environmental science research with a marine and/or aquatic science connection.

Teacher Trust Fund Award – Individual Scholarship

Scholarship Applications are due 60 days prior to program/conference for which you are applying.

Get your FMSEA Scholarship Dollars

The FMSEA Board of Directors voted to establish an environmental education trust fund at its October 10, 1993 meeting. The fund is in support of staff development which includes teacher in-service training and enhancement. A special thank you goes to R. Duncan Matthewson for his efforts in helping to establish this fund.

Individual Scholarships will be presented to FMSEA members to attend either an environmental professional development program or a professional conference (including the FMSEA annual conference). Awards may cover registration, travel or accommodation costs. Applicants are encouraged to secure matching funds from sources other than FMSEA. All award winners must agree to:

  • acknowledgments of FMSEA support in all activities related to the funded program,
  • file copies with FMSEA of all products/projects generated by the program,
  • a short, written report on the program/conference for the annual FMSEA Journal or present a session at the first FMSEA Annual Conference after the completion of the project.

Scholarship Applications are due 60 days prior to program/conference for which you are applying. Submitting an application does not guarantee funds will be awarded. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

NMEA Awards

Johnette D. Bosarge Memorial Award

The National Marine Educators Association is proud to announce a new award in loving memory of Johnette D. Bosarge, who served as the NMEA administrative assistant from 1999-2013. This is an annual, monetary award in the amount of $500 to be used as the recipient deems appropriate for attending the annual NMEA Conference and/or in the recipient’s formal or informal facility for educational purposes. A sea star sculpture containing the recipient’s name will also be presented during the Awards Ceremony at the annual NMEA Conference. This award is not based on fiscal need..