Register today for FMSEA 2015 and book release: Saved by the Sea by David Helvarg

by George on 2015/04/01

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FMSEA 2015

Dear FMSEA members,

There is still time to register for our annual FMSEA 2015 conference! Conference dates are April 30 – May 3, 2015 in Tampa, Florida. Please see the attached PDF for the conference schedule and the amazing guest speakers we have lined up! To register click the link below:


Also from our FMSEA friend and author David Helvarg the release of his new book: Saved By the Sea:

You’ve seen the recent headline, “Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction.”   No one knows this better, or offers a clearer path to restoring our living seas than ‘Saved by the Sea’ author David Helvarg


“This book has the power to change the way you think about the world, about yourself, and the future of humankind.”

Sylvia Earle, National Geographic Explorer in Residence

“David Helvarg has done an awful lot to protect the world’s oceans, not least this fine piece of writing.”

Bill McKibben, author and climate activist

Amazing and often heartrending adventures in and around the ocean…a great read from an outstanding writer.”

Philippe Cousteau, ocean explorer, CNN Correspondent

“Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction, Broad Study says” read the recent New York Times cover story about the report in the journal Science that found “Despite our late start, humans have already powerfully changed virtually all marine ecosystems.”

How we can still turn the tide and restore the blue in our red, white and blue is the message David Helvarg, author and founder of the marine conservation and policy group Blue Frontier ( and co-founder of the Peter Benchley Ocean Awards conveys in an urgent yet personal manner.

He is an acknowledged leader in the fight to protect our ocean, coasts and the communities and economies that depend on them.   He works with bottom up ‘Seaweed’ (marine grassroots) activists to create change as well as National and Global Leaders like this year’s Benchley Award winners in policy and national stewardship Secretary of State John F. Kerry and HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco who will join Helvarg and others in Washington DC on May 14.

The updated paperback edition of his memoir, SAVED BY THE SEA: Hope, Heartbreak and Wonder in the Blue World, is the remarkable story of his Zelig-like life on the frontlines of history and the marine environment, where his struggle has become a visionary and at times all consuming cause.

Helvarg personally witnesses massive assaults on our blue planet from calving glaciers and other climate impacts in Antarctica to Hurricane Katrina, to the BP Oil Spill to coral bleaching in Fiji and Australia in this engaging book while also offering ways to begin restoring the seas he loves.  For this is also a love story.  His love for the sea, his love of high-risk adventure, rallying to a cause larger that any one individual, and his love of the one person who was able to keep pace with Helvarg as he traveled around the globe in search of the next dive or environmental challenge: the late Nancy Ledansky.

A soul mate and adventure partner on many levels, Ledansky helped Helvarg not only in his missions but gave him the motivation to keep going despite the many obstacles he ran into: government informants, guerilla gunmen, polluting oil companies – and other “salt-water special interests” – that only saw profit-and-loss ledgers where he found life abundant but gravely threatened.

When Ledansky was diagnosed with breast cancer, Helvarg writes that she fought the disease with the same courage she battled for the environment: she kept going with a fierce will to survive.  After a series of gains and setbacks Ledansky finally lost her battle in 2002.  For a time this crushing personal loss set Helvarg back, but in dedicating himself to the cause they both shared, he eventually found a reason to continue.

Says Helvarg in SAVED BY THE SEA, “I’d lost many loved ones and was about to lose another but after a time of pain and uncertainty I determined to fight for the one love that still might (or might not) be saved, the one I will always return to…to protect our mother ocean I will also assure myself of continued risk and adventure, a larger social purpose for living, and perhaps even the occasional moment of transcendence, something any one of us might aspire to by taking the plunge.”

Along with the author’s work for the oceans, this book also shows his developmental arc as an award-winning journalist, going from war zones including Northern Ireland during “the troubles,” El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua in the late ‘70s and early 1980s, to working as a Private Investigator on homicide and wrongful death cases to the many investigative stories he reported on as a TV producer, radio reporter and writer including corporate assaults on our oceans, coasts and the people who depend on them.

The book is available on amazon and book stores now!

Hope to see you at FMSEA 2015!



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