FMSEA 2014 Conference

by Karen on 2014/04/29

in Northeast

northeast2014If you weren’t able to make it to the conference you missed a great time!  The field trips on Friday were all a huge success and then we  had a great time eating pasta and getting to know our fellow FMSEA members at the Sci Cafe hosted by Gulf World.  I was really impressed with the Science Brothers, I wish we had a program like theirs over in this area!  The Saturday sessions were all fun and informative, I just wish I could have attended Linda Yuri’s “Build a Reef”, I think that was the most popular session of the day!  I think we can all agree that listening to Dr Felicia Coleman Saturday night was the best way to end this years conference.  She was not only very informative but was entertaining too!

Don’t forget that if you were not able to come to the conference, you will need to complete a membership application as your membership will end in June.

Finally, next Thursday May 8 there will be a lecture at the Whitney Lab.  This time we will get to hear from Dr Brockman as she discusses her research on Horseshoe Crabs and their reproductive behavior.   She was the guest speaker when I attended Green Eggs and Sand and the research they are working on is very fascinating!  I hope to see you there!

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