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by Carol on 2013/06/10

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Webmaster, Jason Robertshaw, and I have been meeting to update the FMSEA history. We went through the archives and Jason has scanned a lot of material and uploaded/will upload it to the website.

Littoral Drift was published from 1972 until 2010 when it was decided to go digital and post electronically. The earliest issue that I could locate is Volume 2 Number 1 from October/November 1973, published at the Environmental Education Center, 266 Second Street, Ft. Myers, Florida with John Christensen, Editor and Ned Webster was President.

If anyone has any of Volume 1, please contact me at historian@fmsea.org. Back then, FMSEA was a group of teachers who had banded together in order to exchange practical field information, to get some of it down on paper in the form of useable curriculum material, and to share it with other teachers. This field-oriented group was meeting once or twice a year in order to get out into some of the natural habitats of Florida. Today, FMSEA continues this strong tradition by incorporating field trips and outdoor activities into every annual conference and many of the regional events. I personally have, over the years, been able to visit so many interesting parts of Florida outdoors with “the locals” as my guide thanks to FMSEA. I am also looking for any materials from 1992 and 1993.

In looking at the membership materials provided by our Membership Secretary, Mellie Lewis, I noticed how our organization has continued to grow. Ten years ago, our membership was 219, with 20 of those also being members of NMEA. As of the March 2013 report, FMSEA has 582 members, 65% of whom join FMSEA at one of our Aquatic Species Collection workshops. If anyone, has any old membership lists, could you please email and tell me the dates as I continue to add to our archives and search for current addresses for Life Members who have left us/the area.

At our 30th anniversary conference at Palm Beach Shores, FMSEA published a history that I compiled and edited. At that conference, we awarded Lifetime Achievement Awards to Bill Haynes, Pat Purcell, Mike Mullins, Allison Rials and Ned Webster. It was nice to see Ned (and Francia Smith) attend our evening function during the 2012 conference.

Neb Webster and Francia Smith join in at the Friday Social at FMSEA 2012 in St. Petersburg
Neb Webster and Francia Smith join in at the Friday Social at FMSEA 2012 in St. Petersburg

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